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The  Get  Smart  Fan  Fiction  Notebook
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Welcome to the first, the original, the one and only
gsff Notebook
"You've arrived!"

    Welcome! Welcome to my [very] humble abode! And finally welcome to a little place I like to call 'The Notebook'. Before I became a studious college student, I liked to write Get Smart Fan Fictions, or GSFF as I like to call it. As soon as I had some stories, I found myself pondering, “If someone writes a story but nobody reads it, then why write it?” Thusly, I decided to embark on this daring, trying to build a web page.

Stop laughing, it’s not funny.

Tragically, with college life eating into my time, both writing fan fic and adding updates to a certain webpage became non-exsistent, so I'm afraid that the Notebook is hereby static, meaning its updates are at an end. I really appreciate all your comments and I will still check my email regularly and the guest book, too. I value your continued support and please feel free to enjoy The Notebook as how its going to stay!

The Webmistress

Speaking of stories, there's a few things you need to know before you start reading...
I decided to ignore all the GS movies and the GS95 disaster, and to instead take a few creative liberties. Thusly, I made up my own names and personalities of the twins, along with more subtle things you'll notice as we go along. These stories are set in the mid eighties. A word of advice: These stories are in chronological order, so if you read a story from the bottom of the page you probably won't know what's going on unless you read some of the older stuff. Basically, to me, the only laws of Get Smart set in stone were produced during the years 1965-1970. So there!

The Archive

TOUGHEST CASE EVER-When 99 leaves for the weekend and Max is in charge, even a few hours can prove to be entertaining. This was my first GSFF and it's a nice introduction to the world of Get Smart, from The Notebook's eye. NOTE: This does have some rather unlike Max behavior, but hey, it’s all for the best. Would I lie to you? Didn’t think so.

MAX LOSES CONTROL- Is the bond between Max and 99 as strong as it used to be? And what's it going to take to prove it is or isn't? Read on to find out!

KAOS GETS SMART- There's a new big kahuna at KAOS who kidnaps teachers right out of their rooms and kills CONTROL agents for fun! Desguised as teachers, Max and 99 try to live up to their reputation and stop him, but will they fall by the wayside in the wake of (excuse the pun) chaos?

REALITY- Okay, this is a sort of “what if” scenario. What if 99 had left CONTROL in the episode 99 Loses Control and married someone else? This would take place six years after that incident.

SLOWED DOWN- This is written from Max's P.O.V., which is a new twist in itself (there's also another new twist in there!). Due to KAOS' lack of activity, the government is going to shut down CONTROL! As a last resort, the Cheif orders Max to go and capture Big Len, KAOS' new leader who has killed no less than 62 agents in the last four years! But KAOS is shutting down so it won't be a probelm, right? Right??

EXIT ONE CHIEF- Just a quick little interlude to other stories. The title says it all. Give it a once over.

A TROPICAL CAPER- Kate retuns! Along with a new Cheif and a new agent! Oh, the excitement... Anyway, Kaos is using the Caribbean island of Tropico for it's own nuclear experiments. Kate and 47 have to stop them, with a little help from Max!

DANGEROUS GAMES-  This story just stands by itself--its not connected to any other story here (you'll see what I mean) Kaos has a deadly new chemical and it's up to Max and 99 to get rid of it. But something goes terribly awry and everything is different...

MAXWELL SMART, PUBLIC ENEMY #1- My personal favorite! A psychotic genius has a proposition for Max...and if that proposition is not met, it could spell disaster.

CONTROL IN CONTROL- I have no idea how to summerize this one. It kinda takes place 20 years after all the other stories but it kinda doesn't. Let's just say it involves the age old cliche of time travel and whatnot. Stays as a cliffhanger.

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I've been getting some requests lately for pictures of my version of the twins, so here they are.

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